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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update on the Fall Garden

I mentioned earlier that I was going to rethink my garden strategy by planting more in the spring and fall and less in the summer. I have been planting, planting, and planting. Every square inch of my garden is full and I have lots of little seedlings. That is all I have due to the heat we are still experiencing. Seedlings have come up grown a few inches and are simply sitting there. My lettuces have been in the ground now for 2-3 weeks (spaced out planting) and just a few are poking there heads out of the ground (mainly the Oakleaf). Even the radishes look really pitiful. I am afraid if we don't get some cooler weather soon that I may lose my pumpkins as the heat is really getting to them. I can't believe here we are at the end of September and still in the high 90s during the day. This time of year I usually have the windows open and am enjoying cooler temps. I would be happy to see high 80s. We aren't even experiencing any fall color this year, the leaves are simply turning brown and dropping. It makes me wonder if this is going to be one of those years where one day we turn off the AC and the next day have the fires going in the fireplace. Yep, I have seen that before. I also remember a Christmas where the high was close to 80. My aunt determined to have a fire on Christmas day turned the AC as cold as she could get it to go and then had my uncle build a fire in the fireplace. Well, at least the squash is going like gangbusters right along with the okra. The sad thing is that we don't like okra very much. It is ok on occasion but we have enough okra in the freezer to eat okra at least twice a week during the winter and I am still picking like crazy. I am running out of folks to give the okra to. I think I will be canning some squash this week instead of freezing it. I don't really like to can it as it can get really mushy, but space is limited in the freezer. The one thing about gardening is that each year is different and brings with it its own challenges. I just pray that we get enough variety to get us through the winter, we can't eat squash and okra all winter! Blessings from the farm, Kat

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Kelle said...

Man alive, you have had some serious heat haven't you? Praying your temps. cool down and your Fall garden takes off.

I tried Okra in the hoophouse but it hasn't done much, I don't think it's been warm enough, even in the hoop house.

We're sowing lettuce, green onions, spinach and kale in the hoophouse. We've cleaned our half the sweet pepper plants to make room. I look forward to having greens well into Nov.( hopefully)