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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 13, 2010

ALERT! Senate Bill S.510

Anyone interested in making their own choices about their food supply should contact their senators and strongly encourage them to vote against this bill. This bill is an attack on food freedom in this country. This bill requires that all farms have hugely expensive machinery, which small family farms cannot afford to have. The kicker is that Big Ag already has this equipment, yet they still manage to send out poisoned food to the public. All this is designed to do is put a monopoly on the nation's food supply into the hands of Big Ag companies like Monsanto. This machinery has not stopped tainted food from making it to the stores and your table yet, so why should anyone think that it will in the future. Can anyone say egg recall, peanut butter recall, spinach recall, etc. etc etc. And those farms had the equipment in place to stop that food from leaving the farm. Another thing this bill does is to put the food delivery systems under the department of Homeland Security. Wow, the potential for evil is there. That would strip the states of ever speaking out against the federal government. Think about the stand that Arizona has made against illegal immigration and the uproar the feds have gotten themselves into over it. In the future under this bill, Homeland Security simply stops all food delivery to Arizona. When the people of Arizona start to starve then they will give in to the government's demands. And then there is the little matter that it is estimated that this bill will cost us 825 million dollars in the first year alone. We all know how government estimates go.......they grow like weeds. We can't afford this bill in so many ways. If we don't speak up now....well then.....enjoy your fake food. I don't know about ya'll but I am fighting this tooth and nail. Agriculture and the diversity of such has been a major backbone of this country since its beginning. Don't jeopardize your lives and your freedom of choice by letting this one slide under the radar. This is one of the last steps before total slavery to the federal government....control the food supply control the people. Are you ready for your chains? I'm not.


Kelle said...

Their chains will never fit me and more than likely they will never have enough chains to make it work anyway. They can't enforce the laws they have now and where would thet put all of us law breakers.

How are they possibly going to regulate wild crafted foods/ herbs?

I will share this, some full of themselves, are pushing people's button and it's coming back to bite them hard! Check out this link;
It's udderly ridiculous and simply a power play.

Kelly said...

Already expressed my concerns to my senators. Maybe it's really the Illuminati behind it all.

Kelle said...

There is no maybe about it, the Powers that be want 100% control! :o(

Kelly said...

Said tongue in cheek. God is in control, always has been, always will be. We may suffer trials here, but in the end, God wins. As one of His, I get to share in that victory. Will you spend eternity with Him too?

Kat said...

Wow, lots of comments! First, how will they enforce this? Remember the Dept. of Homeland Security has unlimited resources nowadays unlike the USDA and FDA. Where would they put all of the lawbreakers?They wouldn't need to put us anywhere. They simply need to invoke the power of eminent domain and seize your home and farm "for the common good". I agree ladies, this plan has been in place for thousands of years. But ultimately it is God's plan. While there will be another who will have control " a short while", ultimately the victory is ours and as we have been told we simply must "endure for a time". Blessings, Kat