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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Education

I realized how neglected my sidebar for our homeschool activities had become. So I have updated it with our homeschooling activities for this summer. My little one will just continue learning while she plays. Since she is out in the barn with me every morning while I milk maybe she can learn to milk. I am not sure if she has the hand strength, but we will see. Sure would be nice to have a second pair of hands one day to help with the milking. Especially with more does freshening. As far as my oldest goes she will be kept busy as well. She is not so much a farm girl and while she does like to be outside and occasionally play outside, she is more of an inside kinda girl. I simply cannot stand to hear children say, "I'm Bored" during the summer. There are also a few things like math that take her a little longer than some so we work on those throughout the year. Science projects will be done all throughout the summer. I have found this is a great way to really buckle down into science and we have more time to devote to large projects that require hours of work and research to complete. It also makes science a lot more fun for a girl that isn't really into science. We will begin much more serious studies of literature during the summer so there will be extensive reading assignments along with creative writing assignments and daily journal assignments associated with each thing that we read. She will be reading some classics along with a collection of short stories.Along with the literature we will begin a new grammar series that I think is much more comprehensive than the one we have been using. It uses a lot more application of the concepts and I think will work better for us. It is a much larger book with much more involved so we will start it this summer. She has just started learning to compose music with her piano instructor so I imagine lots of music will be written here this summer. Guitar lessons have been added to the mix so we will be hearing guitar music floating through the house as well. Along with all of that we will have many hours of playtime and home education during the rest of the day. That should keep her pretty busy, so that I don't have to hear those words that every parent hates to hear during the summer. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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