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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Homemade Cottage Cheese

I found a really good recipe for homemade cottage cheese, so I thought I would share.

1 quart of milk
2tbls. buttermilk
1/8 tsp. salt

Put the milk in a mason jar and add the buttermilk. Cover with cheesecloth and allow to sit overnight or until the milk has clabbered. Heat this clabbered milk in a pot on low heat until the curds and whey separate. Pour through a cheesecloth lined strainer and allow to drain. If the cottage cheese is dryer than you like when finished then pour a bit of the whey back in and stir. You can stir the salt in once it is drained. I got about a cup of cottage cheese with this recipe, so I decided I would double it from now on. 1 cup just doesn't go very far in our house. One thing that I didn't like about this cottage cheese is that the curds were not very big. However, the taste is delicious and maybe if I let the curds cook a little longer that might change their size. I don't really know, since I am such a newbie at this.

Thanks to Highland View Pantry for this great easy recipe!

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