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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Warning! Feed Store Danger

Oh, my goodness! I didn't even think about it! It didn't even cross my mind that there would be a danger at the feed store. I guess I should explain a bit. Yesterday, I stopped my one of our feed stores to pick up some replacement plants for the garden. The goats got out the other day and snatched up quite a few on their race through the "forbidden eden". Well, I needed some replacements and didn't really even think about what time of year this is. Since I rarely go to a regular feed store and buy my feed from the farm, I just wasn't thinking. It didn't occur to me that this time of year is really not a good idea to stop by the feed store with your young children in tow. So, there it was just as we walked in the door......a large water trough full of colored chicks and ducks. Right for my kids to see. Well, my oldest has seen them before because we bought her little colored ducklings when she was about 4, but this is the first time for my little 3 year old. The pure delight on her face and in her little squeals made my heart go pitter patter. I went along and got my plants from the back while the girls ogled the little blue/green/pink/orange darlings. Of course, when I came back they had each picked out their colors. We now have 4 little ducklings, one of each color. They are happily chirping away in their radio flyer wagon in front of the fireplace. I was hoping to get out of there without anything living (well except for my children), but the ducklings will be a nice addition to the farm. They will be white pekins, which are a nice breed for both meat and eggs. Hopefully, we will get a hen or two (or dare I dream 3) out of the bargain. Watch it will be my luck that they will all be drakes. Now, I have a dilemma. The pond is in the middle of my garden and ducks love ponds. They also love to destroy the plants that are around ponds. So, what will become of the garden this year I don't know. I might have to do some serious thinking. Right now they are simply too little so the spring crops look safe. Oh, what have I done! So for all you moms out there.....beware the feed store is a dangerous place to be this time of year. I will say that I managed to make it out of there without the 4 adorable goslings that they had. And they really were adorable! Have a blessed day and don't say I didn't warn you.


Kelly said...

So I won't be spoiling my son by buying him a few colored chicks? I've already lined up a foster home for them until Easter morning. We might even get him a rabbit.

I thought you were serious, as in some kind of contamination in the feed!

Amy Manning said...

It's an expensive endeavor, isn't it?