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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sheep and Goat Expo

Today, the kids and I are headed to the sheep and goat expo. It looks to be alot of fun and they have some great speakers today mostly focused on dairy goats. They will also have a spinning demonstration and a goat cheese making demonstration. There of course will be food. I am really excited about this year's expo as the focus seems to be on dairy animals. All three of the speakers are focusing on dairy and then of course, there is the cheese demo. With cattle prices continually heading south and cattlemen looking for alternatives, meat goats have established a strong foothold in our state. However, us dairy goat folks have largely been ignored. Of course, dairy in general is not a real big part of our state's agricultural make-up. It is still a small portion and for there to start being recognition of dairy goats is exciting. One of the speakers will be talking about marketing our dairy goat products. So I am looking forward to that as I hope to someday be able to market some of our products from our goats. Hopefully, the rain will hold off and it will be a nice day. Because of the cookoff I hope to get some great recipes as well. I only have a few for cooking chevron and can always use more. Like venison it does take a little more effort to keep it from becoming very dry due to the lack of fat. These events are great events to keep educated in practices, whether you are a simple homesteader or plan on going big. They are usually free and contain loads of information. It is also a great place to talk to other producers and make contacts. They also usually contain state specific information. One of the other talks today is about good forage practices in our state. It is good to find that kind of information. So many times you find information about things that won't do well in your state. For instance, many people can plant alfalfa in their pasture. Well, here in the deep south alfalfa doesn't do very well. It is too hot. So we have to look for other legume options for our forage. When I get home, I will share how the day went and the neat little tidbits of information that I come home with. Have a blessed day!

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