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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rumsford cont. Kitchen Conveniences

I simply love this book so here is some more from Chapter 2 this time.

Please don't follow the advice of this little tidbit....if they only knew then what we know now!
One or two asbestos mats should be kept in every kitchen to place under saucepans on the fire, so as to prevent their contents from cooking too fast. (Household Hand Book pg. 7)

A Convenient Shelf. A great convenience, where it can be arranged, is to have a shelf at the head of the cellar stairs, where can be kept those things which belong to the cellar and are in constant use. Many steps can thus be saved during the day's work. (Household Hand Book pg. 7)

A double broiler has been invented which in appearance is something like two frying pans fitting closely over each other. The meat can be perfectly broiled with this, either over an open fire or a gas or oil stove, without the unpleasantness of having the kitchen filled with smoke and smell of the cooking. (Household Hand Book. pg.8)

Gotta love modern matter the decade!

Blessings from the farm and tomorrow will be Care of Kitchen Utensils!

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