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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rumsford, Care of Kitchen Utensils

Now we are getting into the nitty gritty in this little handbook and there is tons of valuable information. So here goes!

To clean a frying pan, rub with a hard crust of bread, and wash with hot water and washing soda. Never scrub it or the next food fried in it will be likely to stick. (Household Handbook pg. 9) More than likely they are talking about cast iron frying pans.

To clean enameled or granite utensils whose contents have been allowed to burn, fill with cold water, add a piece of washing soda the size of an egg, and heat to boiling pint. Wash at once, as the burned parts will then be more easily cleansed. (Household Hand book pg.9)

Rusted ironware or sinks may be cleaned by smearing thickly with fat or grease, and then covered with powdered quicklime and left for several hours. Wash off with hot water and washing soda, using a cloth tide to the sink broom for the purpose, so as to avoid touching it with the hands. (Household Handbook. pg.10)

To clean copper or brass. If the copper or brass is very dirty, put some fine salt on a plate, dip into it a cut lemon and rub on the metal. The strong acid will remove the worst stain. (Household Hand book pg.11)

Hope you are enjoying these little tips and tricks from the past as much as I am. Blessings!

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