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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Response to Comments

I received so many wonderful comments left on the When Families clash post, that I thought I would respond to them here. First of all thank you ladies for your heartfelt words of encouragement and understanding. I wrote the post because I know that there are many of us out there that have decided to separate from society and many times it seems as if we are all alone. So to all of us everywhere, we are together and no....we are not crazy nor deranged! As I said in the post many in my family seem to think that we have chosen a life of poverty. what if we have. Is it a sin to give up worldly riches for a more humble existence. I don't think so and many throughout Christianity have done exactly that. The riches that we seek so desperately simply cannot be found in things of this, material goods, etc. My children certainly do not do without anything, but the one thing that they are gaining in our life is understanding that true wealth comes from God in the form of peace and happiness. No our life here at Whisperwind is not perfect and not always blissful. We have our share of problems just like anyone else does. However, the difference is that we give those problems to our Lord and simply follow His guidance on the issue. It is a peaceful existence that only those who live it can understand. Another thing about the life that we live is that to use a well worn phrase...we find the joys in the simple things in life. It might seem mundane to some seeing a bunch of chickens running around picking at bugs and such, but to us those little chickens are so funny in their antics. Every seen chickens in a field full of grasshoppers? They are hilarious! Or the peaceful moment of quiet in the barn in the early morning with the smells of hay and the sounds of animals quietly eating their breakfast as you watch the steam rise from the milk going into your bucket. Or laboring for days and weeks to plant the field not really knowing if anything will come of your labors or not....then seeing that first little tomato appear or a tiny little squash in the midst of a dying bloom. These are the riches that only God can provide and they are riches that reach right into the very heart of your soul and make it leap for joy and be thankful that you had the privilege of receiving such a gift. When I had biddies that were being ornery about going back into the chicken coop I sent the best chicken catcher on the farm after 3 year old daughter. She could catch a baby chicken faster and better than anything on the farm. The sound of laughter as she caught chickens and brought them to me was something that money could never buy. From all the comments that I received about that post it is clear to me that many of us have discovered that true riches can only be found when we stop pursuing "riches". Does that mean that we have to live in Our children are well fed, well housed, warm in the winter and somewhat cool in the summer. They have clothing appropriate for the weather and two parents that love them. They have time to play and laugh with both friends and family. And yes they have toys to amuse themselves with. However, they are much richer than many would think simply because they are open to the joys that God provides them each and every day. Living a simpler life gives them the opportunity to see so much more and experience all that He has to give. No thanks world...I'll take green acres any day of the week! God bless you all!

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