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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why oh Why do I keep doing this?!

Ugghhhh! Sometimes my brains with all of its plans and aspirations works much faster than my body. I have all of these projects to do and what did I do? Started another huge project. Well, ok this time I will admit, I didn't have much choice. Not too long ago we got 3 solid weeks of rain. I didn't think about running the aircondition because it wasn't really hot. I did have the few ceiling fans that we have going, but it certainly did not help our closet. Mine and my husbands closet has always been an issue in this house. In the summer time when the humidity is waaayyy up we have to leave the door open so that the air can dry out in there. Dummy me didn't even think of the closet during those weeks of rain. Our closet sits right over the basement, which is very damp and since that dampness rises it rises right into our closet. Since I don't often go into our closet or spend much time in there I didn't know realize that I had a serious invasion of.......mildew. So now everything is coming out, being cleaned and washed and the carpet torn out(1960s shag carpet so it's about time). I am still trying to get the house and barns ready for winter and all needed feed stuffs and supplies in. I am still canning. In fact I will be canning eye of round(beef) and tangerines and pumpkins this coming week. Oh, wait. I forgot I will also be canning turnip greens, collard greens, and mustard greens. My bedroom looks like world war three and four happened in there simultaneously. I have clean laundry spread all over the house and I think I might have some more firewood to bring home from a friend's house who is cutting more trees. Fortunately, I will be giving away some of the greens for the pumpkins and the firewood so I will only have half a days work to can what is left. I put the spring harvest of greens in the freezer and so this harvest will be canned. We are still waiting to see what will be harvested out of the fall garden so little by little I am working and pulling spent plants while nursing other vegetables along. I really did not need to take on such a huge project as cleaning out my closet. Of course, it really doesn't help that my spring cleaning of the closet consisted of very little. Organizing the clothes and getting rid of about a dozen pieces. I have tons of clothes. So many people give me clothes and then I never throw out any good clothes and then there are so many outfits that I really like just never wear. Oh my! And here I sit writing this blog. I suppose I had better get back to work. I keep telling myself that I am not going to do this anymore and yet.....I always do. Maybe one day I will actually get one project totally completed before I start another one!! Have a blessed day and a fabulous weekend. I am now off to immerse myself in the war zone!


Kelle said...

You're not alone, I can count half dozen or more projects started and 3/4 done, but alas not finished. We wanted to get our outbuildings and grainery painted this year, not going to happen, not enough time and I'm learning( slowly) to put my food down on starting any new projects until the unfinished ones are completed.

You see how we named our farm, The Never Done Farm, LOL!! That's okay, idle hands get a person into trouble, at least for us that's true!

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Yup. Your just like me, or...I'm just like you. I do this all the time...that insane little voice in my head says "What?? Come on, you can do this is. Easy pie. Be a virtuous woman! You can handle it!" So than I find out in the middle of it...I can't. Hope you get through it all right! That's a LOT of canning.
The Girl in the Pink Dress