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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seeds from Tomato Bob

Earlier this spring I told ya'll about some great deals from Tomato Bob on heirloom veggie seeds. Well, remember the old saying? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I have put off writing this post because I really hoped that I was wrong, but I am not. Tomato Bob's seeds are a ripoff. Even with the special seed sale prices I spent a lot of money with Bob and have had a lot of heartache for my trouble. I mentioned in an earlier post about my broccoli and cauliflower. 100 seeds of each planted and only 3 plants for my trouble. That is 2 broccoli and 1 cauliflower germinating. I did have one packet of seeds of each from another company (only 25 seeds in each packet), but it looks like all of them have germinated. I ordered a lot of varieties of tomatoes from Bob and out of 36 tomato plants I got one tomato worth eating. Most of the plants developed verticillium wilt and did not produce anything. I did lose some tomatoes to the squirrels. All of the varieties were stunted in there growth and frankly I think I got a bunch of seeds from unhealthy plants. Every packet of seeds planted from Tomato Bob had some problems. Some of them did produce, but did not produce much. Many didn't even germinate. I made the mistake of buying most of my seeds from Bob so I didn't have a good start to the season to begin with. I did have seeds from another company and those have done pretty well. Weather played havoc with my garden, but if it had not been for my other seeds then all I would have gleaned from the gardens this year would have been some jalapeno peppers. I have had to replant and replant after suffering time and again with lack of germination and stunted unthrifty plants. I am on my 4th packet of carrots and have not harvested a single carrot yet. The seeds came from Tomato Bob. I am terribly dissapointed with this company. I absolutely hate writing blog post such as this, but I feel like I owe my readers the truth since I recommended this company back in the spring. Hopefully, I can save some of you the frustration and loss of money that I suffered. I highly recommend Heirloom Acres for seeds. All seeds that I have ordered from them I have been very happy with. I just wish I had ordered more. Needles to say, I will have to buy more seeds. I didn't expect to have to do that since I was planning on harvesting more seeds than I have harvested. You can't harvest seeds when the plants done even germinate or produce. So I am going through my seed inventory and will be placing an order with Heirloom Acres to make up for the lost seeds. Tomato Bob will not get anymore of my business. A bad garden year has been made even worse by a bad seed supplier. Sure glad my survival didn't depend on those seeds. Shame on you Bob. Oh by the way, yes I have tried to contact the company and they don't answer the phone nor do they return phone calls or emails.


Sari said...

Try "Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds" or "Totally Tomatoes". Both online, Free catalogs from both.

Kat said...

Thanks, I will take a look at their catalogs.