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Friday, June 12, 2009

Summertime Menus

In the deep south it is hot, which can really put a damper on the appetite. First, no one wants to raise the heat in the house by cooking. Remember folks we still are not using our A/C and the temps have been mid 90s with about 90% humidity. As soon as the sun comes up the sweat starts pouring. While the house is much more comfortable with the ceiling fans going, it heats up quick with the kitchen appliances. Our goal is to build a summer kitchen outside for canning and summer cooking. Right now we just make do with the grill and hopefully will have the adobe oven by the end of summer. So, we lighten things up greatly in the good old summertime. What we cook we cook on the grill if at all possible. A casserole dish works over a bed of hot coals (not a flame as it will break) just like it does in the oven. Better yet is cast iron. However, we eat a lot of salads with fresh garden veggies for meals around here and cook really little. So consider changing things up for the summer and turning to lighter cooler fare to keep the heat down. Enjoy those fresh veggies and make salads unique by adding raw squash, green beans and other unusual goods to your typical lettuce salad. We have even mixed in mustard greens into our salads which add a little bit of a kick to your typical lettuce fare. Herbs are also a great way to boost the flavor of a salad. Don't forget the nuts or seeds and you can find a truly great uniquely flavored salad each and everyday of the summer. Stay cool, have fun, and work hard. Have a great summer!

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