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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can't wait to see that water bill!

No, I really could wait but I am sure the water company won't wait to send out the bill. No rain for a couple of weeks now and the rain barrels are dry as a bone. The pond has dropped so much I am afraid to pull anymore out for watering because the fish need their room. I really can't wait until we get that old well cranked up again, but that is a huge financial undertaking and one that will not happen this year. So with this searing heat and daily temperatures steady at 98-100 degrees with a higher heat index of course, I have begun to have to water daily. Up until this week, I was watering every other day, but that is no longer an option. While some things like the corn are doing just fine still on an every other day watering, everything else is really stressed. If I plan on saving my harvest, then watering everyday is my only option and the only water to be had is county water. I am very fortunate that I live where I do though and my county water comes from a natural underground spring. No chemicals, no additives, just good clean clear spring water. Our water rates are not too bad all things considered, so I really can't complain much except I sure would like some rain. I thought I was gonna get some yesterday and got really excited. I learned real quick though that doppler radar lies. I heard thunder, saw the black clouds and checked doppler radar which said that I had a thunderstorn right on top of me. It lied. I had a thunderstorm 2 miles down the road, but I didn't get a drop. I went outside and watched the black clouds roll across the sky, listened to the thunder, and could even smell the rain. I cried, I pleaded, I begged, and yes folks I even groveled. However, not a drop did I get. So I still will be outside at 5:30 am watering the garden and praying to keep it alive. It is still producing and looking like it will produce well, but I know better than to count my chickens before they hatch. I have had plenty of gardens produce a little and then burn slap up in the hottest months of the year, which are coming up fast. I pray that doesn't happen this year. I hope you all are doing well with your gardens and your harvest is bountiful! I gotta get to bed, 4 am gets here awful fast. God bless.

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