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Friday, April 3, 2009

What to do with those old clothes

I have a tremendous amount of clothes these days. I would say most of them I don't wear. I am really bad about getting rid of clothes that I no longer wear, that is one of my weaknesses and one area that I tend to neglect on a regular basis. I have people that gfive me clothes that they can no longer wear and I hang them up along with everything else. Some of my clothes are tremendously out of date, and some I keep saying that I am going to repair and never do. So what to do with those old clothes?! Well, I have noticed that one of the latest trends in children's clothing is patchwork clothing. So.......all of those clothes that need repairs and are not fit to be worn otherwise are going to be turned into some patchwork summer dresses for my two girls. The rest I have found a wonderful charity, helping people to get on their feet that I will donate the clothing to. I need to purge my closets and get rid of all that stuff that clutters my closets. I don't need them, I don't wear them and they need to find a new home or a new purpose. So next week, I am purging my clothing. Wish me luck. This is an area that I struggle with because it is hard to get rid of perfectly good clothing, even those that need repairs those repairs are minor and still if performed the clothes would be fine. I think I will also make some patchwork skirts for myself or a dress for myself. I am going to use them to make something new. I do wish that I had more skirts or dresses to wear around the house. I do love dresses and skirts, especially in the hot summer time. So we shall see what I can come up with.


Holly said...

I have a many clothes I'm not wearing either. I'm hoping if I can ever lose my pregnancy weight that I'll get into them again.
But, I do have too many & also need to purge.
I found some really nice skirts that I am loving to wear last week at the thrift store for really cheap.
I can sew cloth diapers, but don't know how to sew clothes without my MIL here helping me with each step. Hope to get better at it someday.

Kat said...

I think purging our clothes is a difficult task for women to do. For one reason, it is admission that our bodies are changing and youth is slipping away! LOL! God bless