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Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's a Start

I hate television. That being said, yes there are certain shows that I do like to watch on occasion. However, I still hate television and really would not mind at all if we didn't even own one. However, I married a man who loves television and my oldest daughter sometimes is so addicted to it that the stupid idiot box can create quite a bit of strife in our home. My husband and I recently discussed this and we both agree that the influence has too big of a hold on our 11 year old and will have the same on our little one if we don't stop it now. So this past week we have started breaking that hold on our children. We implemented a day without television and hope to expand that day into more days. It is good for our well-being as well as the children's well-being. I have to say it was really nice. My husband did not mind quite so much, but our daughter was stroking out and coming too after supper and there was no television. She will adjust and adapt, all children do eventually, but for right now she does not look forward to Wednesdays. It is a journey that we feel we must take for the sake of our children and ourselves. There are so many more wonderful things to do and partake of, a family joined around the television is not joined as there is so little interaction. A family joined around a board game, or talking or reading or sewing is much more joined and bound together as a unit. We won't even go into the filth on television nowadays, even commercials are just downright filthy and offensive. Well, for now we have one day and maybe in the future we could rid ourselves of it altogether. I can only hope!


Kate said...

I understand what you are saying. I have attempted to be rid of our idiot box only to be blocked by a husband who finds it an instrument to unwind with. I can't blame him for that. His job is very stressful and I'm so thankful the Lord has blessed him with the gift of "business".
I am, however, hoping to get an agreement to end TV and video games for the summer and see how we do. Most of my children do not have a problem with either because they love to play outside so much. My eldest, though, loves to find escapes from reality whether its TV, video games, or a book to read. We have a rule of no TV/video games during the week because of home education but I find my eldest still sneaking a game here and there. All boys are shoved outside to play at the end of the day, even my most unsocial eldest to much protest.
It's a struggle I continue to deal with but hope this summer will be our start.

Kat said...

I hope your summer goes well. It is tough around here on Wednesday evenings. But the family is getting used to it. We spend a lot of time outside as well which definitely helps.