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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Farmer's Alamanac and When to Plant the Garden

Both of my grandaddies had one rule that they never broke when it came to planting their never plant before Good Friday. This rule stood the test of time with both of them. It is very easy to get carried away with those first signs of spring and those first warm days and get out their and plant the garden. Then what happens? That last freeze of the year comes along and kills all your hard work. There is always a late freeze or cold spell. For those living far north of the Mason Dixon line you might even need to wait longer than Good Friday to plant because your winter months last longer. This week I have been glad that I have followed this rule of thumb because this week has been bitterly cold and while it did not freeze the cold wind would have killed by little plants had I planted earlier. Corn is something that must wait until after good Friday, so keep that in mind. The soil must be very warm for corn to germinate. Seed is a precious commodity so don't waste it. I would also like to recommend following the Farmer's Almanac to schedule your planting. It also has stood the test of time and served farmers well over many many years. So many people focus on what to plant and soil amendment and such that they forget that proper timing is just as important as the rest. Don't jump the gun with timing your garden or you will see all your effort wasted. Take the time for planning, make a list, keep a calendar...whatever you need to do to control that earge at the first sign of warm weather to jump the gun and plant early. Good Friday is approaching and my garden is ready, but I am waiting just a few more days. God bless.

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