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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Bunny Update

Well, this was not a good start on our bunnies. All of the babies have died. I think this was mama's first litter and she just was not real sure about things. She did not use the nesting box and wound up killing several because she trampled them. She also was either scooting them out of the cage or they were wiggling out of the cage. Each day we would find a couple of them on the floor of the rabbit house. As sad as this is, it is part of the territory of farming. Sometimes, babies die. We will of course breed her again and hope that things turn out better next time. Some rabbits just don't make good mothers and that is always a possibility, but we hope that this was just inexperience. We will see with the next litter. We have also lost one of our chicks in the past couple of days. Apparently we miscounted baby chicks when locking the chicks up for the night and it got left out in a terrible storm. It was dead in the yard in the morning, so now we are much more careful in our count at night to make sure everybody is safe in the hen house. Otherwise, they are growing like little weeds and becoming quite the adventurers. It was quite a site I am sure watching my 2 year old and I round up baby chickens last night for feeding time. They had discovered the feed room and the cracked corn that my little one had spilled. Needless to say they did not want to leave the feed room and their new found "candy". Took awhile to round them all up and get them to the hen house. There is nothing like the adventures of living on a homestead! Life is certainly never dull and mundane.

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