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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Friday, April 24, 2009

Angry Women

I was catching up on my reading at Ladies against Feminism this morning (you can click on the widget in the right hand column to go there) and it got me to thinking. I run into many women who are feminists because they have been deceived into thinking that it is a noble cause. Recently, I was with one such woman on an outing who is a dear person to me. We were talking about a particular event that was relegated to men only and she got very upset that women were not allowed to participate. While it does not bother me that there are activites and venues for men only, because I have been liberated by the grace of God Almighty from the idea of having to do everything a man does, she was visibly angry and upset. So it made me think (I know this tends to be dangerous). Women who have bought into the feminism lie are angry much of the time. They live their lives in a state of anger because they can't play too. Is it so terrible that men have their own activites where they can just be men and not have to worry about "ladies being present"? Do these women enjoy being angry so much? Personally, I find it nice that there are a few things that men can do that they can just be men and socialize as men. My husband has one activity that is male only. Everywhere else in his life he is drowning in the deep end of the estrogen pool. So should I be angry that he has this one small tiny bit of time to be with other men and just be a man? Absolutely not, this is just another ridiculous sentiment of socialist feminism and its attempt at castrating the male population. Women need to stop being angry all the time about what they are not allowed to participate in and celebrate what they can participate in. Ladies, it is a blessing to be a lady and we should be delighted in that and we should delight that our husbands wish and desire to be men.


Just Another Mother said...

Oh I so know what you are saying here!

Women have forgotten how to be ladies. Which I think has confused the heck out of men....

Good post Kat.

Kelle said...

AMEN to that! Women are generally angry and have a longing to be just like men. I'm sorry, God created me as a woman and a helpmeet for my husband. Does this mean I'm his doormat, absolutely not, but this is what women have been deceived into thinking the role of a woman is though. My Mom, sadly, is a HUGE feminist. In fact she has a distaste for men in general, this includes my Dad. Yet she is jealous and even envious of the relationship Dh and I have.

My Dh has his time to be with men, in men only activities. Myself, I have time doing women only related activities, which includes our Dd. This doesn't mean we don't do things together, but each gender NEEDS to spend time with their alike gender.

Anyway I just wanted to say, PTL!!! and I agree with you wholeheartedly.


Kat said...

Thank you ladies!

Anonymous said...

Although I do believe that gender neutral everything is not good we each need our space but I also draw the line in saying that there are some things my daughters can't do just because they are girls. I am teaching them to be ladies in all matters but I am also teaching them they can do anything they set their minds too. I think people get too caught up in gender roles being traditionally set in the way the bible portrays it to be. Has anyone given any consideration to that it had to be that way back then and now it doesn't because we all have so many opportunties available to us that traditional roles do not have to be set in stone for one sex or the other. I think we all over annalyze the way God intended our roles to be. He wants his children happy and gave us each a special gift for a reason, who is to question that!?