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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Those Oh So Wonderful Curveballs

Just when things are moving along smoothly, wham... you are hit by a curveball that comes out of nowhere! When I started this blog, I wanted a blog that was real. I wanted something that not only told the good things about homesteading, but a blog that shared the downside of homesteading also. So here is one of the downsides....husbands get hurt and get laid up in bed. Which means that the wife must take over the farm work. Ladies, if you are not prepared to get callouses, cuts, bruises, sore muscles and break a few nails then homesteading might not be the life for you. Yes, ideally you can tend the garden, care for the children, and keep the home. In the real world of homesteading however, husbands get hurt and then we wives must assume their chores, projects and duties. Well, that is the way things are now. Just doing normal farm stuff, my husband has hurt his back and is almost unable to move. Farm life goes on and there are still projects that must be tended to. So this is where a homestead family buckles up, pulls together and does what must be done. My oldest daughter today is helping to accomplish the housework while I take on my husbands normal work. We will pull together and get through this. He has been bedridden for several days now, so it has been a tough few days. There is always a silver lining though to these types of curveballs that can happen. These curveballs can be the opportunity that we need to push ourselves and to really test ourselves to see what we are made of. These curveballs build character and give the members of the family a chance to pull together as a unit, building bonds that will last a lifetime. Life's curveballs can certainly be aggravating and frustrating. They can disrupt your routine, and if you are like me you really like routine, but life's curveballs can be a chance to grow as a family and a person.

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