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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Organic Fertilizer for Pasture

I have done a post before on the virtues of spanish moss. There is another virtue of this plant and that is that it can be a great organic fertilizer for your garden or pasture and it is free. This of course works better with small pastures rather than larger ones, but is a great solution for the small homestead. Spanish moss tea can be made by soaking spanish moss in water for a couple of weeks. Then the spanish moss can be removed and the "tea" can be sprayed on the pasture. This works well for a rotation system because when you remove the animals from the pasture then spray with the tea and start some more brewing until you move them off the next pasture. The benefits of this is that spanish moss soaks up tons of nutrients from the air, when soaked in water all of these nutrients are soaked into the water to make the tea. By spraying with this water concoction the nutrients find their way into the soil and into the roots of the plants quicker. You also don't need a whole lot of spanish moss to make the tea so a little goes a long way. Just another little tip to keeping pastures producing good forage.

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