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Friday, March 27, 2009

Guinea Update

Well folks, as you all know the guineas have been a new experience for us. We lost one hen who just disappeared when we could not get the guineas in the coop for the night, then one of our dogs killed one of the roosters. So we are down to two guineas a rooster and a hen. They have settled in nicely and they now have me well trained. They will not go in the coop at night and we think that they are roosting in the big barn, which is fine. Each morning they hear me come out to feed as I start talking to all the critters that sleep around the feed room in the little barn. So they meet me at the feed room door with sweet little funny noises, almost as if they are saying good morning what's for breakfast! So the guineas get their breakfast first and then everyone else follows suit. Now in the evening they meet me at the chicken coop and as the chickens are entering their house for the night the guineas once again want to know what their supper is, so they get their treat again. They range most of our property now and you can usually see them voraciously hunting bugs and other such goodies throughout the day. Our guineas are pretty quiet and in fact we have found that if they are raising a ruckus then we need to go see what is going on. I have found that I really enjoy my guineas, they are funny little birds. I have also decided that they are not quite as dumb as I had originally thought and been told, I know these two have trained me pretty quickly!


Anonymous said...

We have just one rooster and one hen. I love to watch them also. The rooster thinks he is the cock of the walk around here. He even picks on the sheep... However, the sheep got their revenge! We were woken up at the sound of breaking glass. I came into the dining room to see the rooster struttin' around. I believe our ram butted the rooster through the window. Always something to amuse us.

Kat said...

I would have loved to have seen that. I can just imagine the rooster's surprise!