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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Changing Schedule Around a Bit

Ok, we have so much going on here at the farm trying to get the goat pasture ready, overseeding and liming the other pastures, and the garden. So between all of that and the other spring projects that I have previously mentioned in another post, I am having to make some adjustments to my household schedule. Instead of doing little bits each day and spending half my day or so in the house working then I am going to be doing all of my housework on Monday and Tuesday. I will of course, have laundry to do on some of the other days as I cannot go a week without washing diapers and such, but that I can have done by the time the sun gets up in the morning. So by chaning my schedule maybe I won't feel so strung out and feeling like I am not finishing anything. Lately, I have felt that we have just been hitting the high spots. I know a lot of people think that once you have settled into a routine that works for them they shouldn't adjust it. However, I have found that being on a farm and trying to do farm stuff means that you kind of have to roll with the flow and make those adjustments even if they are temporary. So you will see some changes in my daily schedule and other schedules that I post as well. God bless and happy spring!

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