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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day and I am feeling it today. I re-bedded the hen house. Then we got most of the goat pasture fence up. We also had some fenceline clearing to do until the tractor started acting up. I will tell you tractors are sometimes more trouble than they are worth. It seems as if we are always fixing something on the tractor. I also worked with the new goats, Coffee and Tea yesterday. Coffee is much more mellow than Tea and she is coming along well in her training. Tea is determined to remain relatively wild. Yesterday was their first day outside on a lead line to browse. Coffee settled down quickly and was leading nicely by the end of the hour. However, at the end of the hour Tea was still fighting the lead line and had browsed very little. She doesn't mind me petting her anymore and I got their collars on with no trouble. Now when they first came out of the stall they came out like little bolts of lightning and the rodeo was on for a few minutes. But with some calm voices and gentle persuasion Coffee settled quite a lot. The funny thing is that our mare Whisper was in the pasture at the time and she is a bit of a spaz herself. Well after figuring out that the goats were not going to eat her, she decided that Tea was her best friend. And everywhere Tea went she went. When Tea got upset, then Whisper got upset and went over to comfort her. Once the goats went back into the barn so did Whisper and throughout the day she would go and look over their stall door to check on them. This will be good for her to have some friends again. When we had to put down our old pony, it was devastating on her. She spent several weeks looking for him as they were best friends. So she has been pretty lonely and she can't go out with the boys, since one of them is her daddy, so she is happy to now have friends again. After fixin supper and all of the work yesterday, I was plain tuckered out last night. I sat down to watch a movie and fell asleep. Good thing I had already seen the movie. Anyway, just another busy day here at Whisper Wind, where the adventure never stops.

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