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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, February 28, 2009

US Food Supply in Jeopardy

Since I have done recent blogs about my strong dislike for corporate farms and supporting family farms this article fit right in. Family farms have been rapidly declining over the past 20 years especially because they cannot compete pricewise with the corporate machines. Family farms are in danger and with the decline in family farms comes the decline in our nations food supply. Currently the United States does not produce enough food to feed its citizens, that is why so much food is imported. What is going to happen when those countries themselves face food shortages and stop exporting food? I will tell you people in the United States will begin to starve. It is not a matter of oh just start the farm back up mentality. Many family farms have been replaced by suburbs and many more lie fallow. A farm that has been not been maintained takes years to get back up and running properly, especially the family farm. Take it from me, we took on a fallow farm and have been working for years to get it back in shape and up and running. It is not an easy task and not one that many people are willing to take on. Those of us who have farms, need to be diligent about using them as such. Many have farms nowadays yet don't farm. They have simply become retreats from city life and nothing more. A farm is an extension of the family who lives there. It receives love, attention and care just like the rest of the family. A farm is more than just a piece of land, it is a part of the souls who work it and tend it. Those of us who have land have an obligation to work that land. The very nature of our survival as a nation depends on it. As more an more corporations go bankrupt the need for family farms and the goods they produce will rise. So again I implore my readers for the sake of our communities, our family and the people of our nation grow grow and grow some more. Use the gift that God has granted us. May God bless you in your journey. Here is the article I was talking about.


Holly said...

I'm with you. I've been reading some books by Gene Logsdon & am learning quite a bit about farming history.
He's not coming from a Christian worldview, but I appreciate his info.
I did not know how crippling farm subsidies were before reading his books & also found out that some banks that give loans to farmers REQUIRE those farms to spray their crops w/ herbicides & chemicals to protect their investment.
The system is so messed up. Our gov't is so messed up and getting scarier every day.
I'm so glad I have the Lord as my rock-otherwise I would be totally terrified.
But, still, I am feeling more and more called to get closer to our land & self-sufficiency as much as possible.
Thanks for the link to the article. Our weekend was quite crazy w/ loose cows, missing dogs(now found), chores, children, etc that I didn't have time to check blogs. I was thrilled to see you had several new entries. Holly

Kat said...

Yes, there are far fewer farmers than there used to be. Some of the seeds that are sold to farmers from monsanto, cannot survive without heavy pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. They kill the farmer any which way they go. I think the movement that is growing back to the land and back to farming on a small scale (family farms) is God's way of telling people that bad things are coming and His way of preparing us. Yes, life is always busy and hectic on a farm. No time for boredom, huh? Thanks for the comment and the author. I will have to check him out. God bless

michelle said...

In reading your comments, I see that you say that seeds from Monsanto can not survive without heavy pestisides? I'm not a farmer but would like to start "gardening" on a small scale. Where would you reccomend purchasing seeds? I'm really loving your blog. There's just so much information in it. I think most of us are ignorant to a lot of what you're saying here. I live in Missouri on what used to be farmland that was sold off for subdivisions. My house is an older house and I live on a street with older houses. We all live here because we like the non city living and enjoyed the farmland and mountain beauty around us. Now, we're seeing a lot of the old farmers die and their land sold to big land developers. It's so so sad. We all live on rocky land and it's not really good for farming OR gardening. The best that any of us have come up with is container gardening. Maybe I'll get some ideas from you:-)

Kat said...

Michelle, I look on the internet for heirloom seeds. These seeds have stood the test of time and are not genetically modified and grow well with simple basic farming methods. No harsh chemicals or large doses of pesticides needed. I highly recommend Heirloom Acres or Tomato Bob or Victory Seeds. I have found all three companies very reliable in providing good seeds in a timely manner. Container Gardening is a great way to start out so have a great time and enjoy. God Bless and thank you so much for becoming a follower of my blog.