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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Duties

Normally, we do not have duties on Sunday because it is the Lord's Day. For us Sunday usually means church and spending time with family. However, because we have had a few days that have put us behind in schedule we will take this afternoon to try to get the garden fence up. Once the fence is up then the horse won't be tromping through the garden and we can actually plant it. See our garden is in one portion of her pasture, so right now she still thinks that it is hers. Since the ground has been tilled she thinks we have made her the best rolling spot in the world. I have caught her taking her morning nap there several mornings. Speaking of naps all three of our horses take a morning nap. The other day our old stallion, he is 22. Was napping and I got nervous because I couldn't see him breathing. Because of his age and the fact that he is having a harder time each winter, I thought we had lost him. Well, I went out there calling his name and not a flinch. I got right up on him and reached down and touched him. He jumped like somebody had just shocked him. I guess we can assume that he is now hard of hearing. Now I know why he has gotten so slow to respond at feeding time. He used to outrace his son (they share a pasture) to the barn to be fed at night. Now his son gets there and all of a sudden the old man comes flying up at breakneck speed. I guess it takes him a minute to realize his son has gone to the barn. He can't hear me call. Well so far, as long as he has BC (his son) he doesn't miss feed time nor do I have to go looking for him. Our horses are a never ending source of amusement around here. We have Thunder, the old man, his son BC and Thunder's daughter Whisper. She was born here right after we moved here and so she was named after the farm. So anyway, that is our horse story. For right now the old man is still kicking, but not real high!

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