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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Raised Beds vs. Rows

Raised garden beds are very trendy now and they are quite nice looking and convenient. They tend to be less maintenance also. I have seen a lot of homesteaders talking about using raised beds for their gardens this year. A lot of this has to do with the environmental movement and not wanting to till the ground for fear of soil erosion. While this is a great idea and for the small gardener that simply wants to supplement their food supply would work quite nicely. However, for those of us that seek to provide all of our food supply and supplement our animals food supply then raised bed gardening is not only impractical it is expensive. Traditional row gardening is our only way to go and with good stewardship will not lead to soil erosion. For a row garden the first thing is the site. If it is flat, it is a good spot. Row gardeners don't garden on a slope or hill. Second, when the garden is not in use for gardening plant forage for animals, this will helps anchor the soil along with using the dead plant matter on top of the soil. Not only will the dead plant matter decay and add nutrition back to the soil, but will anchor the soil in place. So if you are considering serious homesteading and providing most if not all of your food supply then row gardening is your best bet. You will get more food per square footage and have much less expense. Besides the extra work of weeding and defining rows is good excercise. God bless.


Holly said...

We have 12 raised beds, but also do rows for things like potatoes. I need to move my strawberries out of beds and put them into rows. I learned the hard way that they try to take over everything everywhere. Holly

Kat said...

Yes, there are quite a few plants that tend to try to hog the garden. I find it best to have them off by themselves. Melons are like this as well as squash. God bless

michelle said...

Oh how I wish I had any "flat" part of my ground! lol We're some of those people who live on a hill (and a big one at that)! lol I'd feel proud just to have a good container garden! lol

Kat said...

Michelle, you might want to think about a terraced garden. I know that many communities in South America practiced this as well because of the mountains and have great success with it. I don't know how difficult it would be for you but I would do some research, it might not be too hard to do. Always remember that with effort and determination and God's help you too can bloom where you are planted. God bless.

Anonymous said...

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