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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cloth Napkins

We stopped using regular napkins a long time ago. I love cloth napkins, especially antique napkins. These napkins surprisingly are often easy to find in thrift shops and at flea markets. Often they are relatively cheap because they are not a complete set and people just don't know what to do with them. I have picked up quite a few and they do make a bit of an eclectic collection. I find the fact that I do not have a full set to be charming. If you can't find them you can make them. Cotton muslin is a wonderful cloth. I use it for so much and it is not too expensive. It tends to be a bit thicker than some other cloth and can be dyed to any color or variation of colors (read tie dyeing). It is super soft and seems to get softer with every wash. It doesn't take much of it to make cloth napkins and for those women who like to go the extra step they can make fun embroidery projects. By using and reusing cloth napkins there is quite a bit of money to be saved also, just as there is with other cloth. To make a cloth napkin I use two sizes, one for company and one for everyday. For the everday napkins I cut my muslin in an 8" x 8" square and for company napkins I cut them in a 12" x 12" square. To hem them you can simply do a machine rolled hem or a hand embroidered rolled hem. To hand embroider a rolled hem the simplest way that I have found (not necessarily the correct way)is to dampen the end and roll it slightly. Then stitch a simple overlock stitch using a small stitch length. You could also do a pin stitch around the rolled edge, but this will take a bit more time, especially if you are slow like me. I love hand embroidery and much prefer it over machine embroidery because it does give a unique look that is much more elegant than that of machine embroidery. Hand embroidery always tells me that an object was created with much love. So ditch those awful paper napkins and head to the fabric store for some great cloth napkins. Another idea instead of buying more fabric is to use some of those old cotton sheets that you have been saving for some use. They work real well and it is a great way to reuse something you already have. God bless


Kim W said...

I so agree. We used mostly cloth napkins; sometimes I buy paper napkins in the summer-time, life seems to move so much faster then, so I can just pitch the paper.

I usually get my cloth napkins w/some sort of print on it as I'm a lipstick user - my lips chap easily - and the print hides the color I've wiped off. ;-) Especially if it was some sort of color-fast lipstick and it stains, somewhat.

I LOVE your blog. You have become a regular stop for me.

Blessings from Ohio...

Kat said...

Kim don't feel bad, I have been known to cave on occasion and use paper also, especially if we have a large gathering of people over for a barbecue. It is much easier. Prints are a good idea to hide stains. I rarely wear lipstick so have not really thought about that. Thanks for the tip. God bless.