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Monday, January 26, 2009

Survival Backpack

What would you do if things went really bad and you needed to get out of dodge, really fast? Do you take the time to pack some things and hope for the best? Well you can take the time to pack in a panic (which means you take unneccessary items) meanwhile I will be hitting the road. You know with nature and the government being as finicky as they are there are more and more people that have a just in case plan. Livestock owners have always had just in case plans, it is a necessity. However, today with times so uncertain and the country headed for a fast crash more people want to know how to have that just in case plan. So I thought I would try to answer some questions for those that are looking to build their plan.

The plan is simple have the bare necessities packed in a backpack, know where you are going and all possible routes to get there. I suggest keeping a survival backpack with you in your car. There are some that I read about that carry their survival gear, or at least some, on them at all times. That is just in case they can't get back to their car. I don't, but you can and it might be a good idea. Watch and wait. In a survival backpack you will need the following:

light jacket

change of socks

heavy duty hiking shoes

pocket knife

hunting knife

a length of rope



paraffin firestarters

garbage bag or tarp

long pants

energy bars



fishing line, with hook

a piece of netting

water bottle

water purification tablets

road map

topography map

knit cap


Some extras you might want:

lightweight sleeping bag

extra pair of socks

MREs (meal ready to eat)

extra shirt

extra water bottle

With these things it will be obvious that you will need some survival skills. I would suggest learning what you need to know (edible plants, fishing and snaring skills). You might have to carry that pack, so keeping it light will save you a lot of heartache later. I am sure there are probably more things to come in handy, but this is the bare bones essentials. With this you can survive if you have to in the wilderness and get to where you are going. Study your maps and have a plan. I have always thought it was better to have a plan in place and never have to use it than to be totally unprepared. Here are some links to some other planners and what they are doing.

Survival Blog This is one of the best blogs on the net. There is nothing that you cannot find information about here. So looking to prepare for some serious survival, then you need to take a look.

Ten Day Survival Pack for Your Car for $25

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