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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Founding Fathers

History has been rewritten and changed on so many historical subjects, I suppose it is only natural that those who do the changing distort who our founding fathers were. However, to anyone who has truly studied our founding fathers and their words, thoughts and actions it becomes obvious that they were Christian men who lived their lives by the word of God. Their intention was that this nation be a free nation under God, a Christian nation. They understood their heritage and that they were part of the House of Israel. Just like our ancestors did so very long ago we have allowed the false religions of the world to corrupt what God put together. Make no mistake about it, it was God himself that founded our country. There is no other explanation of how a few thousand men vanquished the most powerful military force in all the world at the time. It was the prayers of those men and those women that were heard by God and God answered. Everything we have enjoyed here for over 200 years is because of God. Yet we are giving it away and forgetting Who it belongs to. We have let this nation become corrupted by every false god on the face of the earth. All under the false interpretation of "Freedom of Religion". When our founding fathers talked about freedom of religion they were speaking of freedom of the Christian religion. To belong to whichever church of God that citizens so desired. Unfortunately, over the years the corruption of other gods has infiltrated our country and weakened our Christianity all in the name of tolerance. However, this notion of tolerance and "your ok, I'm ok" bull does not come from The One God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Of All Things Seen and Unseen. This notion of tolerance has come from those lesser gods that have no place in the House of Israel. By giving obeyance to the voices of these lesser gods look at what we have done to ourselves. Take a good hard look. The blessings once bestowed upon us and the other Christian nations of the world have been taken away as a whole. Our economies are crashing, our people are divided and weakened, we are hated and reviled, and our governments are being destroyed. And Christian ministers in this country dare to encourage us to follow those false gods of false religions and bow our knees to them promising blessings. Take a look around, open our eyes and ears. These don't look like blessings to me. The unemplyment rates goes up daily, the dollar drops daily, other countries want nothing to do with us financially, our government cannot be trusted, our people are cowards. And all the while we have forgotten who this country belongs to, who built this country, and who placed His people here. Judge Roy Moore knew from whence everything came and for that he was persecuted and reviled. What have we as a nation done to ourselves? We have forgotten our founding fathers, we have forgotten their words and we have replaced it all with lies that come from the false gods of the world. We no longer hear the words of God Almighty because we have closed our hearts and our minds and abandoned Him who made us. Christians, it is time to remember the words of our founding fathers. It is time to remember who gave us this land. It is time to make a stand for what is right and good and stop the lies and the deception. It is time to hold our teachers accountable and our leaders accountable. We the People are this nation, not the few and the elite. Let our voices be heard and let our prayers be answered. We the People........

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