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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heirloom Seeds for the Garden

It is garden planning time and most gardeners run down to the local feed store or large hardware chain to check out the latest in seed supplies. These misguided souls think that by using these seeds to plant and grow their own food they are doing great things for their health. Well, I hate to tell them this. Despite all of their good intentions they are doing more harm to themselves and the environment than they can imagine. First most of these seeds are hybrids which means that there will be no harvesting seeds for next years crop. The seeds will not breed true if they breed at all. Most seeds of these crops are sterile and have to be recreated each and every year. Second, believe the advertising if you want to but the new hybrid seeds are more labor intensive and chemically intensive than the old heirloom seeds that were good enough for the generations of a hundred years ago. Thirdly, many of these seeds are genetically modified organisms. There is no telling what kind of genes are in those corn cobs that you have grown with the feed store seed. You might be eating parts of some strange fish. Genetically modified seeds contain all sorts of things. And fourthly these seeds while being sterile themselves often create sterility in the honey bee populations which is devastating to the environment. Folks when the bees are gone you can kiss your tushies good bye as well. There is no way that humans can replace the tremendous pollination skill of the honey bee. So what is a homesteader to do? Get online and buy heirloom variety seeds. These seeds are open pollinated guessed it honeybees. The seeds from these crops will breed true year after year and folks this saves you money, if you take a little time to harvest some seeds from your crop. Heirloom seeds contain 100% of the DNA for that plant, no strange fish genes. They also are more conducive to organic gardening techniques because they were not designed to be chemical reliant. They are more efficient at using the resources available. I can assure you that Native Americans did not have Ortho fertilizers and pesticides available to them yet they managed to live and survive just fine with heirloom seeds that did not need these harmful chemicals. I am sure there are some studies or their should be that will tell us that crops grown from heirloom seeds probably pack more nutrition for their punch. Since the diet of the average American is grossly lacking in proper nutrition , this is a definite plus for the homesteader or home gardener. Whisper Wind Farm will be using heirloom seeds for our garden, I hope you do too. Check the out links below for your garden seeds this year.

Heirloom Veggie Seeds-I no longer recommend this company, they are not reliable in shipping the purchased product.
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Heirloom Acres Seeds

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Shannon said...

Wow - I never knew this. I'll be purchasing heirloom seeds this year. Could I possibly include this post in next week's Homesteading Carnival? I'll be putting it all together this Sunday night. You can let me know at
Thanks so much!