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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feature Films for Families

Ok parents! Television is horrible and most kids movies are horrible. Here is an option for parents. I have been a supporter for this company and have bought countless movies from them. The movies are good, wholesome, lesson teaching movies. They are high quality to rival anything corrupt hollywood could put out. I highly recommend them to all families looking for some entertainment for the whole family that is good and clean. Here is their mission statement:

What We Do
We produce and distribute uplifting and entertaining motion pictures that are suitable for all ages and strengthen positive values while containing no profanity, vulgarity, sexual content or graphic violence.
Why We Do It
We believe that all people, especially children, are affected and influenced by the entertainment they view. We believe millions of families feel helpless against the harmful influences of the media and yearn for excellent entertainment that supports their family values and provides a positive influence for the viewer. We are committed to providing that quality entertainment.
How We Do It
We help caring people understand and accept that their financial support will make the difference — that it is the only way to enable the production of more quality family films.

Message From Our Founder
Over the years, Hollywood has gone from creating movies like "The Sound of Music," and "It's a Wonderful Life" to edgy films and suggestive TV. Forrest S. Baker III, founder of Feature Films For Families®, believes that the only way to counteract this negative trend is by creating positive, uplifting movies that both teach and entertain, movies that instill important values that have stood the test of time.

Feature Films for Families is well worth the time effort and money to provide wholesome entertainment. We have been buying movies from them for about 3 years and absolutely love them. Who knows maybe with their help I can get rid of that brain destroying television. Wow what a day that would be!

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