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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Whisper Wind Farm

Just want to really welcome everyone to Whisper Wind Farm. We love it it here on our little ten acre farm. It has been a long road, but I think we are really seeing some progress in the restoration of this place. You see when we moved here in 2001 it was run down, to say the least. The house had many quirks, but was livable and is still a work in progress, the large barn flooded everytime it rained and the little barn had a large oak tree smashed through the roof. The fences were falling down and the pastures taken over with pines and weeds. Despite all this we knew we had come home. In the past 7 years we have fixed the fences, worked on the house, repaired the small barn, dried out the large barn, and battled the ever growing pine forest. The pastures are in better shape, but not great. The chicken house lasted a year and had to be rebuilt. Hurricane Ivan destroyed the old tool and equipment shed. The power company killed a horse and cut down two perfectly good trees that were older than I am. All in all we have a peaceful life and are constantly working to improve our ability to sustain ourselves. We are old fashioned. We homestead the old fashioned way, with hand tools and muscle. We homeschool in an eclectic style that utilizes old textbooks and old timey values. I am an old-fashioned homemaker baking my own bread,cooking from scratch, and keeping a clean and tidy home (well most of the time).
We are unabashedly Southern and raise our children with old fashioned Southern values and charms. We are patriotic Americans, descending from the founders of Jamestown, who are saddened by the state of our country. We believe in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independance, and the Bill of Rights. However, with all these things, first and foremost we are Christians believing that the King James Bible is the innerrant Word of God Almighty. We work hard to follow the path that God has laid for us and dedicate our lives to Him. We give thanks to Him for our many blessings as well as our trials and tribulations, for they make us stronger and of better character.
Our farm got its name because when the wind blows through the pines it sounds like the many whispers of God moving through the tree tops.
So with all that said, Welcome to the Farm, we hope that you enjoy it here and share in our knowledge. May God bless you all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kat!

Just a quick note to let you know that I love your blog! I will be visiting here quite a bit. I really found you piece on your home to be interesting.