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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Using Genealogy to teach History

We teach history in our home, not social studies. I find history very important and want my children to learn about history. The funny thing is that I hated history in school. Then I decided to take on my family genealogy. You cannot learn and discover your family's history without delving into the history of the world around them. This one project changed my mind about history. It created a love of history that I never had and a yearning to know more. How did that happen? It became personal. Instead of just words, facts, and dates in a book that had no meaning; history intertwined itself with my ancestors and ultimately in who I am. So I decided that maybe this would be a grand way of teaching history to my children. Using our genealogy research and working alongside my child as we research together, history has taken on new meaning for her also. It is no longer this far distant happening of the past because knowing that our ancestors lived throu it and experienced it makes it very up close and personal. You might enjoy this journey through time also. There are many genealogy sites to help get you started. Some are free and some are not. The choice is yours.


Kris said...

I hated history in school, too, and now it is my favorite subject to explore with my children. I can only imagine how much more interesting it would become if we threw our family's personal history in the mix.

Thanks for submitting this for Homeschool Showcase. I'm excited to include it.

Dana said...

I love history too. Before I had children I received a package of family geneology from one side of my family. I look forward to doing this with my children also.