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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keeping Eggs out of the Cold

Just a few ways to keep eggs without refrigeration

1. Fresh eggs can be kept on the sideboard or kitchen counter for up to a week with no refrigeration.

2. For keeping fresh eggs up to 6 months- Take a small amount of salt butter (must be salt butter, no margarine and no salt free butter, as salt butter does not go rancid) put it in one hand and coat the shell of your fresh egg so that every pore is covered. Air is the enemy of your egg. Doing this seals the air so that it doesn't make the egg go bad. Next dry a sufficient amount of bran in the oven making sure it is thoroughly dry. Moisture is the number 2 enemy of eggs. Layer some of the bran ina box and place your eggs small ends down in the bran not letting the eggs touch the bottom of the box. Once you have a layer of eggs, then layer on some more bran, making sure you get in between the eggs. Then place another layer of eggs and another layer of bran. Now you are done and your eggs will last about 6 months.

Always check your eggs before using, there are a couple of ways. Place the egg in water, if it floats and doesn't sink throw it out. Always crack eggs in a seperate bowl in case one is bad you haven't ruined a whole recipe or meal.

Disclaimer* I do not recommend any of this for store bought eggs as they are already several weeks old when they get to the store. I have not had a problem with this storage method, but that is not to say that someone else won't. Please understand that I am not responsible for the quality or non quality of your preserved eggs. Thanks.

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