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Friday, December 12, 2008

Homeschool Tracker

As everyone should know by know I am a little obsessed about organization and staying on track. I apply my need for organization to our homeschool as well. I use a free program called Homeschool Tracker. They have several programs but the basic is a free download and easy to use. I spend two weeks out of the summer organizing our homeschool year and gathering the materials that I want to use. I then enter everything into Homeschool Tracker basic and periodically I can take a look to make sure we are on track. This program is also a great way for those parents that need to keep records to do just that. You can keep attendance, reports, books read, field trips, assignments, resources, and teacher notes. Anything you need, this program can do. However, they do have a Homeschool Tracker Plus which will do more than the basic. I don't need to get fancy and we are not required to keep anything other than attendance records so the basic works for me. I know some states require a lot more so you may want to check out the plus to see if it would suit your needs better. I highly recommend checking into it. If nothing else it keeps you moving in a forward direction.

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organizing a homeschool said...

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!