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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Disaster Preparedness

There are many reasons to prepare for tough times and everyone should be prepared at least a little bit. I remember when Hurricane Ivan came through. The grocery stores were wiped out before the hurricane and then what little they had left had to be thrown out because of lack of electricity. Out here in the country we lose power at least once a week. Sometimes just for a few minutes and sometimes all day or night. You just never know. You also never know when an unexpected "disaster" might hit your family. If you lost your job would your children eat? One thing I learned from my grandparents is to always be prepared for anything that might come your way. Here at Whisper Wind we keep a well stocked pantry which is kept full at all times. If something happened then we would still eat, even if we couldn't get into town for awhile. I also keep oil for the oil lanterns, extra batteries, and candles. Those things sure came in handy when Ivan was rumbling around outside and there was no electricity and all sunlight was blocked by the wall of rain coming down. We have a battery powered tv, so were able to keep track of the storm while we played board games by oil lantern. To begin keeping a little extra on hand for those emergencies, think of the things you use and then those things that you might need to use. Foodwise, think of how you might cook if your electric appliances don't work. Comfortwise, will you be able to stay warm if your electric furnace is knocked out. Start thinking of these things and then make of list of how much you want to keep extra and start getting them. Even just purchasing a little extra each time you go to the store will give you peace of mind. I plan on having many posts on this topic so if it is something that interests you then you will be able to find all of the information that you need. May God bless you and yours, Kat

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Dawne said...

I have to agree. Stocpiling has become a way of life in my home. I always have the essentials on hand because you never know hwen you'll need it.
From fellow Cafemom member