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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Age Appropriate Chores

Children need chores and parents who care what kind of adults their children turn out to be give chores to their children. Chores give children a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Children that have chores and are praised for their efforts at responsibility have self esteem. Chores create a work ethic in children that is sorely lacking in today's society. Chores also teach children the skills needed for their own home in the future. As you can see I am a firm believer in chores. Even my 2 year old has chores. She puts the silverware in the silverware drawer, puts her toys away with a little help and supervision, and is learning to sweep up after herself with a child sized broom. At this age chores are fun, take advantage while you can. Here are some age appropriate chores for your children.
Age 2-3 pick up toys, put away silverware and plastic containers, help to sweep and help with the laundry
Age 4-7 Make bed, clean up dinner table, unload dishwasher, sweep kitchen, sort laundry, keep a tidy room
Age 8-12 Learn to do their laundry and clean their room. Clean kitchen after dinner and load dishwasher. Take care of family pet and vacuum
Age 12 and over They can do what you can do. This age group can handle any chore you throw at them with proper teaching.
It is important to teach the child how to do the chore and don't criticize because they don't do it the way you do. Be happy that they are doing it and helping you with the load of running a home. Enjoy!

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