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Monday, April 17, 2017

Really I am not gone forever

I think I must have needed a break to assess life as we know it. Plus life as we know it has been crazy busy and on hold at the same time. First things first, last year our oldest daughter ran away with her boyfriend. She didn't have any contact with us for months. She now has contact although it is limited and never ever without him. If she talks to me on the phone, he is right there. If she comes to see me, he is the one who brings her. He has control of every aspect of her life. I still don't know where she lives. So she is not fully back in our lives or even fully living her own life. However, she talks to me and she will come to dinner if they have the gas money to get here. So, for now I will be content with that and let God do what he needs to do in all of this. We still have not moved and we are still in limbo. We found a little farm with an adorable little cottage and a great big huge barn. We loved it immediately and signed a contract on it. Everything imaginable that could go wrong has gone wrong and the seller is a nut. I hated to write that but honestly there is no other way to put it. She has also had a terrible realtor and she is not good at making decisions and getting things done. If her realtor had done his job then he would have held her hand and not left her to run around like a chicken with her head cut off making manic phone calls to anyone she could think of and not getting anything accomplished with all of that. We are headed to our third closing this coming week, hopefully if a judge signs some papers today. If not then we are still waiting. That is frustrating when our whole farm is packed up and waiting to go. Our animals are tired and frustrated and of all things I am now having to mow grass because they are in small paddocks instead of the big pastures because we pulled all the fence up this winter. It is absolutely crazy. I don't know if God is trying to discourage us or the devil is testing our faith that God will get us through this, but either way we still love this property. Meanwhile, while all of this has been going on my mom went into the hospital with pneumonia and wound up spending 7 weeks in there because of scalded skin syndrome caused by the hospitals improper use of antibiotics and staph. Then even when they didn't know what was wrong with her and she was progressively getting worse, (think burn victim losing skin on over 75% of their body) they tried to refuse to send her to a better/bigger/more informed hospital. It was a nightmare, but we finally got her to that better hospital and they knew exactly what it was and exactly what to do. It helps when there is a resident dermatologist. While mom was in the hospital we found out her finances were in pretty bad shape and she had made some really bad financial decisions. My sister and I have had to take over her finances to try and get her out of the mess that she was in. Apparently, mom had decided to start a business with the help of some online sales scam and had spent thousands of dollars, taken out loans she can't afford to pay back, was bouncing checks to pay for this and couldn't afford her basic living expenses anymore. She lives with my godmother and my goddaughter and each of them pay 1/3 of the household expenses and for several months she had not been paying her share apparently. So my godmother finally told me while mom was in the hospital because she is living on retirement and can't afford to support my mom. Mom is still not happy with us, and honestly I don't blame her. But we really had no choice and I think there was a lot of confusion on mom's part as to what she was and wasn't paying and how much was going out. I don't think she realized how much in debt she was. I think she was so far extended that she couldn't keep track anymore. I seem to be noticing a lot more confusion these days. Like yesterday a long time (20 plus years long)friend was as the house. She has diabetes and has all of her life. We were talking about it and Mom said, "Oh, when did you get to be diabetic? I didn't know that you had diabetes. What are you going to do?" She honestly did not remember that this woman had diabetes despite having known it for years. So, I have been almost too busy with Mom to worry much about the house situation. Now, to top all of that off my father in law is in the hospital following a seizure in another state and his wife is saying he can't come back home. So we are really in a pickle there as well. We honestly don't know what we are going to do in this situation. On a good note our little one is doing great. We finally got the testing done and she is definitely dyslexic, which honestly makes her feel better. We were able to get some great suggestions for curriculum for dyslexics, plus now she has access to some programs online for dyslexics. We also have access to tutoring specialized for dyslexia if we need it. She is doing really well though with the Orton Gillingham materials that we now have for spelling and reading. We have seen a huge improvement so far. As long as we keep seeing improvement through the program then we are good. Since her dyslexia affects her handwriting (dysgraphia)we are finding that cursive handwriting is working better for her. We are also going to do a keyboarding program so she learns to type better. Both of those will be key for her in the future and since she will never write very quickly we will purchase a Livescribe pen in the future. Right now we are looking for a not too expensive tablet that we can download the book programs for her on. The kindle only works with audible and they don't have any special dyslexia considerations where price is concerned. So that is life in a nutshell for us right now. Still living with boxes, but considering all the hospital stuff haven't been home much to notice it. Still in farm limbo which really really stinks. Still praying that it will all work out soon. Blessings, Kat

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Anonymous said...

I usually read your blog through Patrice Lewis blogroll. I read your post back in December and have thought of you often since then, hoping you are doing okay. I don't really know you but I sympathize with all you are going through. I pray everything works out and becomes easier for all of you. It seems like a awful lot to have to deal with at once. Thank you for updating your blog. It allows me to pray more specifically for your needs. God be with you,