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Friday, December 23, 2016

Wow, it has been a year....a really bad year

I finally decided to take a look at my blog and try to write something. I have been here a few times over the past year and I have left full of tears. This has been a very hard year for our family and we are still having a difficult time of things. Just writing these few sentences has the tears flowing. I will explain all, but it will take several posts. In this first, I will update on our decision to find a new farm and move. That has not happened yet. We have found several places over the past year and all of them have fallen through or been snatched up before we could get our little ducks in a row. We have been dependent on selling some property we have in another state for the funds and there have been many complications with that process. That is the main duck that has held up everything else. We did downsize our little herd of goats and our rabbits. The goats that we have left are expecting babies in another month or so. I hate that we are still here and not settled somewhere......anywhere. My house is mostly packed except for things used every day...dishes, pots/pans...things like that. So, I essentially am living in a storage locker. Not much fun, but I keep hoping that things will work out sometime soon. There was no garden this year because I was planning on moving. I could have had one since I am still here. The animals were turned into the garden area so that we could take down fencing in other areas so now my garden area is destroyed. So it looks like there may not be another garden this year. In truth, without my little farm activities and my garden I feel a bit lost. It was something that grounded me and comforted me. I have really missed it all over the past year. I am hoping that this new year coming up will bring good things. I have faith that God will get me through these difficult days and our family will see sunshine again on the other side. Meanwhile, I take things one day at a time and hope to see my little garden again and I actually look forward to milking goats soon. Blessings to you all and please look for the next part of this past year's saga. Kat


deborah harvey said...

boring and trite advice, but if the other sales fell through God will make things move when the right time is accomplished.
it should all work out. perhaps He has a different direction for you.
don't despair.

Mary Beth said...

Amen, deborah!

A Badger said...

How are things going, now?