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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Garden Now for Springtime Ease

I am closing up the garden for the winter. I chose not to garden this fall with my thyroid issues, but I am making sure that spring will be as easy to get started as possible. So here is my list of things to accomplish so that this spring/late winter I am ready to go.

1. pull all old plants and weeds in beds.

2. Add some dried leaves and compost to the beds and mix well.

3. Cover the beds. I use whatever is handy, old plastic tablecloth material, tarps, feed bags and even a thick layer of pinestraw or leaves. This will keep those weeds from coming up before you get in there to plant.

4. Clean, oil, and put away garden tools.

5. Empty all old dirt out of any pots, wash them out, and then stack them up.

6. Since we all rotate things around the garden (hint, hint), go ahead and move trellises to where you will need them next year.

7. Add another layer of mulch to the pathways, or wherever else you might use mulch.

8. Disconnect and drain hoses, then roll them and hang them near the faucet.

9. Make any fence repairs that need repairing.

10.Clean up any trash (you know the pile of plastic nursery starter pots that the squash plants came in).

In the spring all you will need to do is push away the mulch/covers, plant, hook up the hoses and water. Easy peasy spring planting. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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