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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Well, since the weather is cold and bitter outside and I am trying to avoid being out there as much as possible. So this is a good chance to get some spring cleaning done. I cleaned out underwear and sock drawers yesterday. It is amazing how much can accumulate in those drawers. I had recently bought new socks and underwear thinking that I needed some because I seem to have a hard time finding any. You wouldn't believe how many loose socks had wormed their way to the back of the drawer. I wound up with plenty of socks, both work and town socks. So the new package of socks went in my need later stash in the closet. I also found plenty of pairs of underwear that had wormed their way into the back of the drawer behind my slips. So that package went into the need later stash as well. Now, if I just don't forget that they are their. Both of the children are good on underwear, but the little one loses socks like there is no tomorrow so we will have to replenish those soon. I might just wait until summer is over since we go barefoot or sandals around here more times than not. Hubby goes through socks. like crazy and I have exhausted our need later stash for him so I might need to replenish that. Today I am going through shirt drawers for everyone and also going through shirts in the closet. Hubby and I (ok mostly me) have so many clothes in the closet even though I have cleaned out things that I never wear anymore. I think I am going to put a lot of my shirts that I don't wear much in the need later stash and then when I get a shirt too messed up to be a town shirt then I can move it to the work shirt drawer and pull out a decent shirt to replace it. That way the clothes will be easier to find and I don't feel like I am getting rid of clothes that I really do use or can use. Like flannel shirts. I wear them a lot during the winter or on spring mornings over a tank top, but we have accumulated so many and they really do last quite a while. I really don't need 15 of them hanging in the closet when 6 will suffice. Speaking of clothes, I am going to work on my studio over the next few days so I can get in their and sew some pretty spring/summer skirts and dresses. I have so much fabric out there and really need to use it, plus I really like skirts and dresses and nice ones can be hard to find. I don't like long flowing ones for working around the farm because they get caught on things and dirty and ragged at the bottom. Anyway, with the cold that I am not tolerating well I am trying to keep myself busy doing something that is productive. I hate going to bed at night feeling like I have accomplished nothing. Then I lay there thinking about all the things that I should have done and didn't. That is miserable when you really want to go to sleep and you can't because your mind is wandering. I am going to try and finish up making the soap supply for the year as well. I tried a new recipe for soap that I found in a book that I had and I really don't like it. I just doesn't moisturize my skin like my regular soap does so I am going back to my old recipe. I really want to get all my soaping stuff cleaned up and put away out of site because it being out is beginning to bother me. I can only tolerate things out of order so much these days. I need to make some more towels for the kitchen and have loads of material to do that with along with some new cloth napkins. We have about worn out many of ours. They are simple to make. Cut the fabric and serge or overlap stitch the edges. In a couple of hours I can have enough made to last a couple of years. Anyway, as you can see there are just lots of little bits and pieces of things getting done around here to make the home and farm run a little smoother. These are the things that get put on the back burner when we are busy with big projects that have much more priority. Well, I suppose I had better get to all those little things. Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

My Spring cleaning is consisting of rearranging the house as we struggle to do the repairs we weren't able to do when we bought this farm and had to move in quickly. It's been 6 months and I still have way to many boxes unpacked and without homes! Floors need torn up and repaired in order to put up shelves for storage, etc, etc, etc. I'm tired of tripping over boxes but one more week and we're taking 2 weeks off school to hopefully plant and do some of these projects. :) (And maybe we'll find some of those missing socks and undies!)