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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm over winter

Man it really seems like I am doing a lot of complaining lately. Maybe I am, but really I am over winter. We really didn't have much of a winter and I really don't see why it needed to show its ugly self in the middle/end of March. It is cold and there is a bitter north wind blowing like you wouldn't believe. We are supposed to get a freeze tonight or tomorrow and that does not bode well for the fruit trees that are in full bloom. It might be a lean year for fruit which is why you always put up more than you think you will need when the year is a banner year. We are trying to get the garden going, but with so much rain and now this cold it is making things quite difficult. Of course, like my complaint of a few days ago the chickens haven't helped matters at all either. We finally have enough bird netting up over the fenced that they are not getting in the garden right as of this moment. Of course that might change as they are much craftier than they look. I have a hen that has hatched out some bitties for me. I am not sure how many she has but it sounded as if there were at least two cheeping away under her fluffy feathers. I will see if I can get a good count. This is the one that always has them in the big barn around the horses which is not the best place since the horses always seem to step on a few. I am thinking of trying to move them within the next few days to the chicken coop where they will be away from the horse hoof death trap. It is nice to have a couple of hens that go broody each year, maybe I will get more hens this year. Last year it seems like it was mostly roosters that survived. However, I did have a few young hens start laying this spring. Which reminds me now I am swimming in eggs...getting close to a dozen a day. Everyone is eating eggs and frankly I think we are getting a little tired of eggs. Anyway, back to the cold. I hope my little new bitties don't freeze over the next couple of days. Mama hen seems to be doing a good job of keeping them covered so we will see. I am tired of having to heat the house and I really want to close down the fireplace and open the house to air out. Opening the house might not be that great of an idea though since the pollen is extremely bad right now. With the wind blowing like it is it appears to be great clouds of yellow moving across the yard. Still I am ready for fresh air, sunshine and some degree of warmth. I guess we had that all winter and now Winter remembered that they were running behind. Brain fog seems to be affecting all of us! Oh, well here is hoping for Spring to appear soon and Summer to stay away for a few months. Blessings, Kat

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Anonymous said...

I'm definitely ready to start getting some things planted here in WV but it's wet and then it snowed. We can't even get the ground plowed and tilled. I can't really grudge it though because my husband and kids had such fun with their snowball fight today. Now most of it is melted. I haven't had any hens go broody yet but I'm sure it won't be long. I'm looking forward to baby chicks. Spring can't be much longer here. I hope your trees don't freeze. Any way to cover them? Mine are all to large.