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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's official

It's official, the computer is fried and can't be repaired...or at least not repaired for less than it would cost to buy another one. So I guess I am hunting for another computer. This really stinks. It's money we really don't need to spend, but I can't write and send articles without one and I can't telecommute to my part time job without one. right now I am on my daughter's lap top which is just a simple little laptop for a student, not nearly powerful enough for what I need. The rain is supposed to stop today, which is good news because the pond is literally overflowing. It was 1/2 empty just a couple days ago. The barns are flooded and we have a huge amount of cleaning out to do. What a mess. On a sad note we have decided that it is time to put Thunder our old stallion down. I know this is something we have been talking about for a couple of years, but it always seemed like he kept plugging along. Well, he isn't plugging along so well anymore and is losing weight again despite the senior feed that we feed to him in copious amounts. he also appears to be going blind. We have noticed several times that he bumps into the doorway of the stall once he figures out where it is. It takes him longer to find the doorway as he seems really confused and frustrated trying to come in. It is a hard thing to accept and that is why we have been putting it off so much fo so long and doing what we could to keep weight on him and keep him happy. He just doesn't seem happy anymore. It is almost as if he is spending each day waiting to die. It is hard to watch him age this way. he has always been such a proud and noble animal. Don't know when we will get around to this, but we have decided that it probably needs to be soon. Well, I suppose I had better get to work. Lots of things to be done around here. Blessings, kat

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Kelle said...

First of all Kat you need a HUG. We had our computer fry last Fall, not fun and know what you mean about having to have one. We were lucky enough to have my Dad give us his old desktop, he bought a new one( the one he gave us was only 2yrs old) It has Windows Vista and it's so different from our old Windows XP, but it's better than Windows 8, that's a nightmare!
Sorry to hear about your old horse, it's never easy loving and caring for an animal and then having to make the decision to put the animal down. Hope your day begin to look better for you and just remember that your horse had a wonderful, full life and was loved very much. We'll be praying for better days ahead for you and yours.