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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The End of Morningland Dairy

Well, it is finished and of course the government won. Awhile back I wrote a post about Morningland Dairy and the fact that their cheese was confiscated on the food co-op raid in California. After sitting in a warehouse, unrefrigerated for over a month, two samples tested positive for Staph and Listeria. Of course these samples were also tested in a government funded lab. However, when Morningland Dairy itself was tested with a fine tooth comb the government came up with no contamination...not in the facility, not in the cracks of the facility, not in the cheese, no where. That should have been the end of it but it wasn't. To make a long story short Morningland Dairy has been destroyed and will never make cheese again (court order). For 2 1/2 years the Dixons fought the good fight and yesterday it was finished as all the cheese that was under seizure was finally destroyed by the feds and the plug on the cooler was pulled. The cows are gone, the equipment is gone, the business is gone. This didn't just affect the Dixons, as there were several families that depended on Morningland for their livelihood as well. This is a scary time for all of us small producers because big AG and big government are determined to see us destroyed. How ironic that yesterday a perfectly clean facility selling a high quality clean product was put to rest while I read a news article on the FDA's acceptable amounts of rat excrement in grain products and acceptable levels of mercury and arsenic in grocery store foods. As you can see it clearly wasn't about food safety, it was about getting rid of the competition and getting rid of the right to choose. When you have no choice but to eat the crap (literally) that they tell you to eat they have won. You can read the whole story here. Mark my words when I say that this does not bode well for any of us that produce our own food or food for others to eat. It's a sad day indeed. Kat


teekaroo said...

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

GMO food is deplorable.... and the people who create it or sell it should be thrown in jail.