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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goat Medicine Chest

Since my post yesterday about the Sugar's small bout with Ketosis and my suggestions of having a well stocked medicine chest I thought I would post about what I keep on hand and what I will be adding soon. So here is the list and hopefully it will post as a list this time. Goat Medicine Chest: Cydectin-Wormer typically for cattle and used off label for goats. Ivermectin paste-Another wormer, this is the horse paste Probios- probiotic gel given anytime there is disruption in rumen activity Selenium/Vit. E gel- we are severely deficient in selenium in our soil and deficiency can lead to birth defects and breeding issues CMPK paste- Calcium/Magnesium/Phosphorus/Potassium prevention of hypocalcemia in newly freshened does and heavily pregnant does. Also a good mineral boost if other issues arise. B-complex- good boost at kidding time for both kids and does, stimulates appetite for animals that are not eating, good for treating lethargy. Standard go to for most any health issue Corid- coccidiosis prevention in kids. I typically don't like to use "preventive" type medications but I have had way to many issues with coccidiosis in kids to not use this for each and every kid born here. Albon-Treatment of coccidiosis should one arise after Corid prevention Red Cell-animals suffering from heavy worm load lose a lot of blood, this is a good boost nutritionally for that case and also after kidding Copper boluses-This is a much unless you live in a high copper area, we don't and copper deficiency is prevalent here and causes all sorts of problems to general unthriftiness, breeding issues, low milk production etc. Penicillin G procaine- In case injuries and infection arise, also good to have on hand for respiratory infections. Since we use so few antibiotics here and our herd is closed this has always worked when we have used it. For many it won't work and a stronger antibiotic is needed. Syringes and needles- You will use more than you think you will so have a wide variety and a good amount. Do NOT re-use needles you wouldn't believe how the needle bends after one injection. Nitrofurazone gel- for wounds Vet wraps- in case of serious injuries lubricant jelly- in case I need to go in for a stuck kid 7% iodine- navels at birth, general disinfectant Gloves-have never used them but they are there in case I need to take care of something infectious Blood stop powder- to help stem bleeding if need be, use it more on the dogs than the goats but it is good stuff. Kaopectate- to help control diarrhea that has gone on too long Pedialyte- easy to use drench electrolyte solution Sterile Saline- to replenish a dehydrated animal I think that is about it for goats and of course some of these things can be used across the board for many of the livestock. One thing that I am adding to my box this year is Replamin Plus gel. Several breeders have been having great results with this for replacing and maintaining copper levels, especially those that have high iron levels which inhibits copper absorption. Blessings, Kat

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