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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Update

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. We had a quiet day here at home with a day full of thunderstorms. Actually, it was nice. I have always liked the thought of cold winter weather in which I was forced to take some down time and enjoy quiet inside activities. Well, cold winter weather doesn't happen much in the south. So I settle for stormy winter weather that forces me to stay inside and seek those quiet winter activities. Did I do any of those such things not really, but I did enjoy the downtime and I did enjoy spending time with my girls. My hubby had to work last night and came home sick. So since it is blustery cold outside today after all the wind the farm chores are up to me. That includes getting more wood up for the fireplace. We have been going through a lot of wood this year, not necessarily because it has been so cold, but because we have been using that as our sole source of heat to keep heating cost down. This old house gets so damp and chilly and will stay that way without some heat going all the time even if it does warm up outside. This has really been a strange winter. One day we are in the high 60s, even 70s and the next in the 40s. Yesterday the high was in the low 70s and today the high is supposed to be 47. These dramatic drops are crazy. So anyway today is a wood cutting and hauling day. Anyway, my other plan for the day is to get the garden plans set down on paper for the spring. With planting more spring crops for livestock feed it is important that every inch is utilized properly. This will definitely put my knowledge of bio-dynamics to the test. The good news is that since we had those trees come down we have lots of material for huegulkulter beds that I have been working on. I will explain more about that in another post soon. They will hopefully add more space to the garden while helping with drought conditions which look like they will continue and be even worse this year. Even though we have had loads of rain this past week or so we still haven't had the amount of rain that we normally have during the fall and winter. The pond is way below normal level for this time of year. So the relaxation is over and it is back to work for me. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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