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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tax Hike on Farmers and Ranchers 2013

Now I know this won't affect many of us small time folks, but I guarantee it will affect someone you know even if only by casual acquaintance (if you live in a farming community). I know a couple of families that this will probably impact. The death/estate tax exemption will drop from 5million to 1 million in 2013. That means that many large ranchers and farmers who happen to own a lot of land passed down from generation to generation will be out of business. The rancher's children in the article will owe 13 million dollars on the ranch 9 months after his death. He already paid 2 million when he inherited it. We aren't talking about superwealthy have a house in 4 states kind of folks. We are talking about middle income, barely getting by, struggle every year ranchers and farmers. Just simply because they own a lot of land and that land is worth a lot of money. That dirt is what makes them a living and keeps most of the country fed. Oh, that's right...what happens when they can't pay the taxes and there are fewer ranchers and fewer cattle herds. Beef becomes hard to come by and expensive to be had. And then there are the others who own a lot of dirt, chicken farmers, pig farmers, crop farmers. If they all lose their land to estate taxes then the cost of food will rise, people won't be able to eat and hungry masses are a dangerous thing. I don't agree with much of commercial/big ag practices but I do realize that I can't feed nearly as many people off my land as my neighbor down the road who raises cows on 1000 acres or my other neighbor that raises cows, quail and honey bees on another 1000 acres. Both pieces of property worth well over 1 million dollars. What does this mean for them. Sounds very agenda 21 to me, push them off the farm and into the city. So what does that make this the second or third wave of destroying the farmer's of this nation. Anyway, read the article...write letters do what you can because I guarantee this will impact everyone large and small. If they lower that estate tax now, then they will lower it again and eventually all land will be impossible to pass on to future generations. Blessings, Kat Article

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living from glory to glory said...

Hello, Yes its all part of the agenda 21. But you can bet it's not called that. It is hard to believe that so many farmers are under fire. They want the people in the cities.
Hey, how is Shotgun? What a cute name. Hope your enjoying the Thanksgiving season.
Blessings, Roxy