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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Newly Opened Raw Milk Debate

There have been some hot debates on the net lately. These debates/arguments have been re-opened because of the recent illnesses associated with the Oregon farm, Foundation Farm. There have been numerous cases of illness associated with the raw milk coming from this farm and several have been hospitalized. The contamination is E. Coli 0157:H7. This is one of the deadliest strains of E. Coli. I am a big proponent of raw milk. Our family drinks our raw milk from our goats. The big difference is sanitation. In every news report of I have read concerning the illness coming from Foundation Farm the thing that stands out the most is the level of contamination on the farm. The levels of this strain of E. coli are high....very high and those levels are everywhere and on everything. You only get those high levels when there is poor sanitation. I am sorry but Foundation Farm was a dirty nasty filthy environment. I am angry at the owners of the farm because they have simply added fuel to the USDA's war against raw milk producers by their need to turn a quick buck. And then I am angry at their customers also for being so gullible and so stupid as to not personally eyeball the source of their raw milk. I say all the time to folks, if you are going to purchase raw milk from someone else you had better eyeball in person how and where they milk and the conditions on the farm. I take great care in sanitation when I am milking because I know that by drinking my milk raw poor sanitation can lead to the death of me and my family. Anyone knows this or at least should. But I also say that raw milk is one of the healthiest things that you can do for your family. Raw milk was one of the first things that started making a huge difference in my own personal health...for the good. For any raw milk producers out there who think they can "get by" like Foundation Farm did...I say you deserve what you get. And please quit making it harder on good producers who do supply a healthy clean product legally to their customers. The ones who suffer are not the ones who should suffer and many good producers of raw milk products around the country are suffering and under attack by the USDA because of farms like Foundation Farm. The best bet for everyone all around is to produce your own and keep it on your farm. Keep your conditions clean and make sanitation your number one priority. Filthy conditions lead to deadly milk, but clean sanitized conditions lead to clean healthy milk. Blessings, Kat

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Kelle said...

Sadly that is the way of the world, it only take one or two bad ones to ruin it for all the good farms It's just the ammo that the USDA is looking for, sadly these people gave it to them.
Thanks for posting this, people need to understand both sides, not just the onesided version that the media publishes.

Blessing for your weeekend,