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Saturday, January 7, 2012

12 Months, 12 Goals

We tend to do a lot of thinking during the winter about what we can do that we haven't done and what didn't work and can be re-done to work better and just general things that we would like to accomplish around the farm. We don't always accomplish all that we would like to do each year. Some things take more time to do, some things are a little more costly and must hold off, and some things we just don't get around to. That is farm life. This year we have 12 for each month. We'll see how we do by the end of the year. So here they are:

1. Build the rabbit colony
2. Raise the garden fence to keep chickens from going over.
3. Build shelter for next year's pigs
4. Move and organize the tool shop
5. Build a smokehouse
6. Cross fence the large pasture
7. Re-fence the property fence along the back of the property
8. Re-fence one section of what was the pig pasture
9.Clean up dead trees in the front pasture
10. Re-roof the old shed and turn it into a processing area
11. Paint the studio
12. Get a new gate for the big pasture

Well, those are our goals anyway. We will just have to see what we can accomplish. What are your goals for the year? Blessings, Kat


Lainie said...

To get a truck!

Our urban farm is teeny tiny, but a truck would allow me to buy a new larger chicken coop, haul feed, garden supplies, fencing, and other things. Besides; I've always wanted a truck. And it'll allow my husband to work on a storm clean-up crew to make extra money.


Kelly said...

Wow-those are ambitious goals! Prayers for your success!

Kat said...

Lainie, A truck is a must have in my opinion. I can do without one but don't like to and it makes things more difficult. That's a good goal to have.

Kelly, thanks. Yes, they are ambitious and they might not all get done. However, this has got to be a major work year around here. Fences are simply beyond mending anymore in most places. The fences in the horse pastures are probably 40 years old and have been mended and re-mended. The horses stay here because they like us! LOL!Blessings, Kat