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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Joyful Hearts Farm Needs Help

Joyful Hearts Farm is in need of help. Many times we country folk have seen that when city folk move to the country they want to turn the country into the city with all of its rules, regulations and ordinances. Despite popular belief living in the country doesn't always mean peace and quiet. Sometimes, chickens are squawking, roosters are crowing, pigs are squealing and livestock guard dogs are barking. Joyful Hearts Farm has two wonderful livestock guard dogs that protect their dairy goat herd. Joyful Hearts Farm makes a living from those dairy goats and they depend on their LGD's to help keep them safe from predators. One of the many ways that LGD's guard is to bark. They send out warning barks to let any creature in the area know that they are on duty and alert. They bark even louder when they feel there is an immediate threat. I understand how aggravating it can be to hear them bark. When we first got Dakota she started barking at 11 pm and kept it up all night. I didn't think I would survive. As she matured she realized that she didn't need to bark all night and now she is much more tolerable. I can also understand the changes in her bark and I know when it is time to head outside with the gun or roll over and go back to sleep. I cannot tell you what a valuable asset she is to our farm. I am sure Joyful Hearts feels the same way. However, they now have city neighbors that don't understand the country/farm way of life and don't want a dog barking near them. Animal control is siding with the neighbors even though California law sides with JHF. JHF is under attack, our way of life is under attack and they need help to defend their right to farm. If you are interested in reading the whole story and contributing you can go here. We small farmers must stick together and help when we can and where we can. If we don't then they will take us out one by one until there are none of us left. We will be helping JHF and sending many prayers their way. Blessings, Kat

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Tony said...

I hate to hear this. It is always disheartening when people move out to the country and then try to impose their own rules on those who have already been there for years. I remember when I live in the Virginia Beach area about 20 years ago a developer built a subdivision adjacent to a huge pig farm that had been in operation for many years. The new residents complained until they got the farmer put out of business.